Developing tailored VR&AR projects for businesses using a unique platform

Developing tailored VR&AR projects for businesses using a unique platform
We create a project – You manage it
Our unique platform allows updating and altering the logic of interaction
Our VR&AR projects
VR-based training for GazpromNeft personnel
VR exhibit for the Museum of the World Ocean
3D visualisation for VictoriaStenova
Lower training cost of personnel and external clients
Lower risks to human and production resources
Higher sales conversion thanks to a highly realistic and featureful product demo
Innovative approach to challenges in both marketing and business
Cost optimization due to highly mobile and affordable equipment
VR&AR advantages for business
Effective solution for training highly-specialized personnel
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Our modus operandi
Goal-orientedness and ability to find solutions
We believe that the only criteria of success is a timely and successful solution delivered at an optimal cost. We employ a creative approach in each project, which coupled with our extensive experience and strong expertise, allows us to find solutions that suit the objectives and requirements of each client.
Honesty and openness
We are open to our clients and partners. We respect their interests and inform them of all the factors affecting the flow and outcome of the project in a timely and accurate manner, since we are focused on long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.
Team of professionals
Our team consists of experts in their field, we are among the opinion leaders on the Russian VR&AR market. We keep abreast of the technological developments as we improve and move forwards every day thanks to the solid team and their professionalism in the field.
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